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I Love This Book

I finished this book about 3 weeks ago, and i started reading my favorite parts over again. THe parts about Taking Back Sunday and Thursday, are probably the one's i have read the most. Theirs something about the book that just connects to exactly how i feel most of the time, and whenever i read it, it makes me feel like their is something or someone there that relates to me. The thing about this book that is really amazing, is that it makes you realize, we as a generation feel the same way, we have bottled up feelings, that are coming out as lyrics, poems, and other various things, and other people can relate and it makes us feel awesome. It makes us feel like we're not having that shitty day, and that we're the most important person in the world, and for that time of the day with our music and our books and emotions, we are on top of the world, with out a care in our hearts, except what is being said by our music, and what we are putting on paper. I am so glad i bought this book and have read it, it truly changed my life.
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