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Everyday's a chance to connect with a stranger

AH! I strive so hard to make connections and its more than worth while. I beg of all those who go to shows just because the music is catchy or the lead singer is hot... i beg of you.. listen to what they're saying.. listen to the passion, drive, and heartbreak in their voice...scream to wretching singing volumes until your heart can't take it anymore.. cry if it makes you and then close your eyes and be swept away forget about your day and everything wrong and focus on everything great and the one you love..make the music mean something to you. Then, met the band , not because you think they're hot or "big" but because you want to thank them from the bottom of your inner being for helping you see there's life in music that can kill you and then bring you back to life with everyline that pours from their mouth and with every word their guitar is frantically screaming and you feel it tearing you apart. Make the connection and strive everyday to make it with someone new. Fall inlove and when they leave let Chris sing you to a face-drenched sleep.

Thank you Andy for inspiration, for connection, for making me feel alive, for making me cry, for helping me see the artist as the one who lived the lyrics that i so boldly claim were about me, for talking about the fans as much as the band, for saying its ok to feel this way, for showing me there are more like me, for helping me finally get serious about my music, for community, and thank you for your desire and perserverence.
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