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for fans of "Nothing feels Good" by Andy Greenwald
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taken from Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers and Emoby Andy Greenwald
You are disenfranchised, your parents dont understand you. You like girls/boys, they dont like you. You are smart but not smart enough. You are too fat. You are too thin. You have to get into college but you have to finish you eighteen extracurricular activities first. Your best friend betrays you, your girlfriend/boyfriend cheats on you. Your parents get divorced. People offer you drug/drinks. Maybe you take them, maybe you dont. People are mean to you. Again and again and again. When you come home from school, you sit in the bathroom and cry for an hour.
With the door closed, you turn on the stereo. Someone is singing about problems just like yours. They'er not commenting on them, not judging them, just echoing them, making them real, validating them. You sing along and your tears dry up. You switch on your computer. You're safe in your room. You control everything. You're alone. But you check you buddy list and know, you are anything but alone.

this community is for the kids who read the book, connetced with the book, and live the book. talk about anything realting to it: bands, shows, people...